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Not only did she lose James, but she had lost the chance of having children.

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A year ago, I publicly stated that our inability to predict Putin's regime plans and intentions has been the biggest intelligence failure that we have seen since 9/11 and that remains my view today.

However, while the indications of Russian measures targeting the U. presidential election are deeply troubling, one benefit is already clear.

Members of the House Intelligence Committee, March 20, heard testimony from FBI Director James Comey and NSA head Michael Rogers. I would like to welcome our witnesses, director of the FBI, Jim Comey and director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Rogers. Before we begin, I would like to remind our members and witnesses that this is an open hearing.

has no information that supports Trump's tweets alleging he was wiretapped by Obama, says Comey] NUNES: The committee will come to order.

The Baltic's and other Russian neighbors have long decried these attacks. election-related databases comes as no shock to this committee.

But their warnings went unheeded in far too many nations' capitals, including our own. We have been closely monitoring Russia's aggression for years.

Number two, were the communications of officials or associates of any campaign subject to any kind of improper surveillance?

The intelligence community has — has extremely strict procedures for handling information pertaining to any U. citizens who are subject even to incidental surveillance.

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And by forcing her campaign to constantly respond to the daily drip of disclosures, the releases greatly benefited Donald Trump's campaign. And they're reflected in the consensus conclusion of our intelligence agencies.

More importantly, and for the purposes of our investigation, it simply does not matter.

What does matter is this, the Russians successfully meddled in our democracy and our intelligence agencies have concluded they will do so again.

We will never know whether the Russian intervention was determinative in such a close election.

Indeed, it is unknowable in a campaign to which so many small changes could have dictated a different result.