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So I don’t really see it as a problem, I mean, bisexual people, more power to them. When you see something that is beneficial to you, you feel good. Well they all said they were lesbians but we saw clearly that some of them were very flirtatious with the boys or actually hooking up with them in the bed. A lot of flattering emails—it’s crazy how many straight women are hitting on me now. There’s definitely a lot more hitting on me now, since they recognize me, and I don’t have to work to charm them. [] So the charming part’s over, and now it’s just like “Hey.” So now you’re practically a rock star now.

You wonder how much of it was sincere, but I think people can tell that I’m not swinging both ways. The question is, “What type of butch would you call Dani from ? You've got 140,000 friends on My Space, you¹re at every lesbian party, girls are mobbing you everywhere you go. I guess I sorta feel like a mack, but I don't act like that. I don't want it to get to my head and start acting like some big shot. I get attention anywhere I go and it's not just the gay parties.

Even her own grandmother Pat, who died after the show aired, but is forever immortalized for getting a lap dance from Tequila, was a fan.

“Grandma had the best couple of months after the show,” she says.

Tila was basing it off of what she sees about somebody, but then she realized it’s a combination, mentally and physically. I believe that if you're in a relationship with someone and they don't chose to be with you, then you should walk away with your head held high and let go. You know at the beginning I wasn’t trying to be all out there, making myself look crazy, trying to get attention. I just stepped it up a little bit because I realized I really did like her. Were there people who you think played a little bit differently than they did in real life? But everything else was fine, I mean we all shared bathrooms and showers, we all got along fairly well, considering.

I don’t know, I think it was just there, and I broke lots of stereotypes of the butchier lesbians, if you will. You can't make someone feel something they don't. Instead, spend time with yourself and begin the healing process. Did you feel foolish for pouring your heart into it someone and then getting rejected on national TV? That’s interesting, because you see these parts on the screen, like Ashley having his tantrum after he gets thrown off, or all these different little parts and you wonder how much of that is part of the back story as well. We were just there and drinking and having a blast in the pool.

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I think the hardest part was eating people’s—you know—can’t tell you []. I think Tila picked Bobby thinking that I was too "settled" in my life. That was just a continuous animosity between those two. So if I could do some mentoring, that would be great, you know, just to talk to kids and just help them with all of their troubles and coming out.

I understand that, but my goal isn't to be masculine. I love purses and pumps, but I would just look ridiculous in these things.

As for the other girls, people make the assumption that if you look girly, you must like guys. It seems like lesbians in general have some very strong feelings about dating bisexual women.

Just because she like guys and girls doesn’t make me any more or less sure about the relationships. But you know, I’ve dated bisexual women, and there’s no difference. I think there was a little inference that you were the “real” lesbian. I think the lesbian population—it seems to me after going through my email and talking to people—were excited to see somebody that yeah—there’s no joke that I’m a lesbian. Maybe I’ve dealt with more situations, being a gay female. You know, you are an outcast—not an outcast anymore, but a minority. Um, yeah, you know what, it’s coming from all directions. I’m not the typical lesbian, if you will, who hangs out at a straight bar.

If somebody is going to leave me they obviously don’t love me, whether it is for a boy or a girl. And not only was I on the show, and that’s groundbreaking, because I’m not your typical stripper lesbian, you know femme, I proved myself to be well-spoken, intelligent, I have a career, I was a role model—that’s what a lot of kids are calling me, a role model, crazy—but I was a positive image for a minority that struggled to be called equal, be treated equal. Did the other women on the show mostly identified as lesbians? Different situations come about with minorities and you deal with them, hopefully in a positive way. I get a lot of straight women sending me emails saying, “I’m a married woman but I would definitely go gay for you.” Go gay []. I have a lot of straight friends, and we hang out in a lot of straight places, so I meet straight women, and you know, I’ve dated them.