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* The Braslav Amdurs were centered especially in Slobodka, a settlement 10 kilometers northeast of the town of Braslav from at least the start of the 19th century (and perhaps earlier) until the Holocaust and beyond.

Novo Aleksandrovsk later became Zarasai district and , as a result of border changes following World War I, Braslav (55'38"N / 27'02"E) today is in the far northeastern corner of Belarus.

Some of those in our database use that spelling, although they originally were probably just Amdur. The suffixes -sky and -er both mean “from.” Amdursky and Amdurer mean “from Amdur.” The town that Jews called Amdur is Indura (53'27"N / 23'53"E), a small town southeast of Grodno near the western border of Belarus (refer to the page tab above called Amdur Europe for maps).

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Along the way, we have acquired considerable data about many other Amdur families as well.Rather, they only took the name when they had left Indura for some other place.We have used a variety of archival documents in our research, including the 1755 Polish census of the Jews of Indura, a 1784 Braslav Jewish census, many other censuses and other 19th century documents such as Rabbi, tax, voter and conscription lists.No one in the 18th century censuses has family names. We assume that one Elyakim was our ancestor although we don’t know which one.We also don’t know if this Elyakim made the move to Braslav. It's contents have been put together based on information supplied by members of the Amdur family 'olumi'.