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Often times its their white agents, accountants, and lawyers who are the biggest beneficiaries of their "success". Here in NYC, blacks are generally in the group you mentioned, and if you disagree, well the facts say otherwise. Increase that number and perhaps things will be better, but even within the middle and upper income pool, there's a lot of resentment.

You know if one wasn't racist one would quickly discover that the biggest group of under performers in NYC are NOT blacks, but in fact people from the Hispanic Caribbean.

A bunch of poorly educated people, many who will eventually end up broke, owing the IRS thousands of dollars, are hardly a group that I will bother seriously about.

This coming from black self hating simpletons and from non black racists.

I know that it is fashionable for some middle class Caribbean blacks to compare themselves with ghetto black Americans and announce that they are "superior" but a quick walk down Flatbush Ave or White Plains Rd will suggest to them that under performance among black men is hardly confined only to African Americans. It's very easy to say that they should do this and that, but black men have it very rough, far more so than black women.

So the issue isn't that black men are obsessed with IR.

Its that black women way outperform black men in college attainment and to the extent that they stick to black men it means that we will see 3 of them competing for one man.