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Carbon dating lab

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"It's like a sack of marbles that has just a few black marbles that you want to count.You separate all the other marbles and count the black ones.Pink flamingo stuffed animals and blow-ups progressed into a menagerie - from inflatable gorillas to the character from artist Edvard Munch's "The Scream" sitting on top of some of the CAMS equipment."We take pride in being different," Knezovich said."The culture at CAMS is pushing the scientific envelope and debating science, but you have to do it with a sense of humor."The postdocs CAMS is a postdoc magnet, and Bench is something of a poster child of CAMS postdocs.So the age of anything containing carbon can be determined by counting the number of atoms remaining.All living materials contain carbon."It's a big filter," explained John Knezovich, who served as CAMS director for 10 years.In fact, CAMS actinide capabilities include a suite of isotopes of uranium, neptunium and plutonium relevant to national security and biological studies.CAMS was the first AMS facility to do biological work.

This accelerator is used mainly for biological research.This photo shows the sub-basement (trench) and support columns for the incoming accelerator.(Download Image)From developing the first accelerator mass spectrometer for use in the biology field to tracking radionuclides from the Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster, the Laboratory's Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (CAMS) has spent 25 years in the spotlight of not only dating ancient artifacts but solving global challenges.It started with Davis who used Laboratory Directed Research and Development funds to conduct research into how nutrients and drugs travel through the human body to determine what is absorbed and what is excreted ."We were the first big accelerator that hadn't been converted to do AMS but was built specifically for AMS," Davis said. Anyone who visits CAMS is quick to notice the plastic pink flamingos around the facility, a sort of unofficial mascot.In 1990, he came to CAMS to give a talk as a graduate student.