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The smaller crypt next to Lady Comstock (to Booker's right if you are looking at Comstock's crypt) looks locked, but isn't.
Linda was cleaning windows, when suddenly the owner of the house she was working at came up to her from behind and tossed her onto the bed.

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PLAY DV-i's Brilliant Dating-Sim "Aurora Memoria" AND PURCHASE The SD Card / 3D-Printed Case HERE: Priz Tats is proud to present Aurora Memoria, the latest release from digi-wunderkind and Manhattan producer DV-i.

Set in the neutropic, hyper-evolved megalopolis ' Fuji CIty,' this Visual Novel is an inspired new take on a medium colloquially referred to as the 'dating-sim.

In 2015 the winners were told if they both chose love they would share the £50,000 prize, however if both chose money they would receive nothing, if one chose love and the other chose money then the person who chose love would receive nothing but the person who chose money would receive the whole £50,000.

In 2016 it was changed so that the winners were each given an envelope, one with ‘love’ on it and one with ‘money.

If you're not familiar, Hater is (somewhat brilliant) dating app that matches people by similar things that they don't like.

They've been able to compile the results of their users and this time they determined what food people hate the most, and they broke it down by state.