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I understand that everyone has busy lives and other commitments, but try to make finding a mate a top priority for a time, and try to focus your attention on every dating activity you can think of (in my book there are 15 steps covering all dating activities) that can bring love into your life quickly and efficiently.

Are my dating standards too high

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In this case, the solution isn’t lowering your standards, but rather letting yourself be vulnerable and opening your heart again.The thing about taking risks is that while you may fall on your face nine out of ten times, that tenth time can change your life.If you've got a question about anything related to singleness or living the single life, please submit it to [email protected] (selected questions will be posted anonymously).QUESTION: There is a group of 9 of us, 4 couples and one "odd man out." This single guy is by ALL accounts a lovely fellow, respected even by people who loathe him.The standard: “An ambitious, health conscious man who shares similar interests whether it’s traveling, cooking, and so on.” The bottom line: Look for traits that are realistic in a man, not a fictional character.Typically, those who set unrealistic expectations are either trying to escape reality or have a fear of intimacy or commitment.If you can make me laugh (and know the difference between “their” and “they’re”), you’ve already won half the battle.All of this isn’t a suggestion to lower your standards, but to have honest, achievable ones—to give someone a genuine chance early on.

Women have generally noticed these good qualities about him; he never need be short of female company. He will be 33, and says he would love to be with someone, but he says he finds "masculine women" a turn off.

When it’s not a fairytale — candlelit dinners, champagne, and rose petals on the bed — It’s an apocalypse of crying and laying in bed, sad breakup songs, and Christian Grey creepily stalking you outside your window.

While I’ve had my fair share of fairy tale moments — meeting a handsome stranger in Central Park, kissing in the rain — I’m also aware that these moments are a sparkling façade for what dating and relationships are actually like.

Having high standards simply means knowing your worth, staying true to your values and maintaining boundaries that you feel comfortable with.

Most importantly, don’t view every first date with the hopes that this person is your “soulmate.” When it comes to expectations, the best strategy is not to expect anything.